Stonecutter Productions

Studio Recording

From demos to full-length releases we can see your project to fruition. We can track, overdub, mix and master in our main studio. If you've got something in mind just let us know.

Mobile Recording

Perfect for singers, songwriters and hip-hop artists. The mobile studio can setup in your home or rehearsal space in about 30 minutes and be ready to record. Just because it's mobile doesn't mean it's cheap. All the gear is the same high-end name brand gear as in the studio just in smaller abundance. Dynaudio monitors, tube mic-pres and a selection of microphones can travel to your living room to give you a studio quality recording at a fraction of the cost. We can also record live performances.

Video Editing

In addition to the extensive audio editing, we can also do video editing and post-production work.

Live Sound

Need a PA system? We have a "bar sized" PA system available in the south shore area. Great for small venues.